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: Vampires suck I mean, yeah, that's what they do.

: ------------ Meanwhile, at the Batcave

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: I CLAIM THIS PLACE because it doesn't have 32 people!

: (Copied from Firnost) The notice reads: To all Firnostians, residents or travellers through the famed Mews, an invitation. We are soon approaching the festival of Samahain, time of great celebration as well as remembrance. It is with this in mind that as we advance upon the first Samhain since the tragic devastation of Caer Aztlan, the newly founded Cairn Dragan of Prospect Hills will extend its hospitality to those who wish to join us in our remembrances of the good Fae who were lost. Our hospitalities shall not linger in the melancholy in their entirety, however, as Samhain is also a celebration of moving forwards. To that end the grounds will pay host to a grand Goblin Market where all manner of merriments are to be found and every indulgence shall be catered for. We welcome all browsers, buyers and sellers to our grand bizarre of the bizarre! To all a good Samhain and a good Samhain to all. Yours, Baron Captain Kethel Nathair, Guardian of the Gates of House Balor.

: ~_~.oO: (Might have been useful if I left one of those! I can be contacted, for those interested, at islore(at)hotmail(dot)com )

: *PLants a Varich flag violating the IC OOC continuum*

: *in comes a girl with LARGE bags and starts decorating the church with Crochetted and Knitted Blankets/Hats/Scarfs/Gloves all over for any and all who are in need or want*

: I have called my mother. Thank you. I just... it was dangerous, it was too dangerous. So I hid it from the world. Oh boy. Hello, Bell.

: ...

: I wish this place wasn't so clique-y and could just come together as a community and not hide behind email chains and alternate chat rooms just because you don't like how someone else plays.

: I wish people (or just that one person) would stop bringing up the past where they won't admit they made mistakes and say they are willing to move on, but won't and keep bringing it up over and over and OVER again every time they see you on until it's not worth it getting IC with that person around. It's sad when they don't even realize they're doing the same thing to so many other players that those players have formed a clique with alternate chat rooms just to have some place to play in peace without being hounded how they're wrong for not letting things go. It'd also be nice if people (or just that one person) could just let other people play without trying to lay claim to a setting because they've been playing there longer. There's no such thing as a clean slate with people (or Just that one person) who can't get over that others have made setting choices and decisions without consulting them because they weren't around and are not in charge anyways. What's saddest of all is knowing that people (OR THAT ONE PERSON) will go to rooms like this one to post anonymously to bemoan how they've been wronged, but doesn't have the guts to get a handle and own it. Suck it.... this is theJaer. To everyone else... let's move on, play a game. I hope to have something interesting for other people to use as a game resource soon. The choices to use it or not, play or not, forgive or not shall always yours.

Murph-P: *Pokes in seeing activity, frowns* Oh for pete's sake. Honestly I'd prefer y'all slapping it out in this room than in Firnost or the Chantry. Jaer: I can think of a few people who aren't happy with things, I don't know if shouting them down helps, just makes us seem more mean and cliqueish. Little Black Lurk: The reason I've been doing emails is because my Health is poor, and it prevents me from being on the Chats consistently, ergo I'm doing a slow-paced email story. If you'd like to get involved, shoot me an email at if that's not your bag then I understand, just figured I'd explain myself.

: Wait, little black. If someone doesnt like how another person plays, isnt going to an alternate chat exactly what they should do? Why should anyone be forced to play with someone they dont care for?

: Sadly online roleplayers rarely, if ever, change. It's usually for the best if they don't get along to separate because games die completely if they don't. If you have two or more unhappy parties, what is the point of playing together? It sucks but after 20+ years of it, it just seems to be the way things are. People usually either work it out or they don't. The later spectrum should form their own game or seek alternatives. But cliques will sadly always be a thing. This place is just one of many that is ripe with them and will always be so and it was even back when White-Wolf officially ran things. But really if your unhappy, walking away is usually for the best. If people are cutting you out of the fun, find some fun elsewhere instead of begging to be included (which sadly is what many "in charge" seem to expect). There are a few roleplay sites out there and not all of them are as bad as here. But this set of chat rooms has always been cliques and clannish to the point usually it's more small groups of friends verses an actual game that includes everyone. If your looking for a game that includes everyone, it's usually not found here

[OOC Lurker]: -laughs- Oh, theJaer, I find it so amusing as to the hypocrisy of your post! I'm almost sure that (THAT ONE PERSON) you refer to is me, and yet you post your feelings here for all to see without addressing me directly (& you do have my e-mail address, or your THREAT to post all of our e-mail conversations to ALL Chantry-Players was hollow). I have not addressed/spoken to you (either in-game, out of character or by e-mail) since March of this year (2018). Prior to that, you continually bring up the events from two years ago that you (as player &/or character) disagree with what happened - even when the matter/subject at hand has NOTHING to do with it. While I have bemoaned a lack of reasonable openness with other systems within the chatrooms (I do agree with LIMITED Cross-over/-system play), I do so with a tag, so I am not wholly anonymous - as your post seems unless one reads it fully. Was it not one of your own staples that a player wishing to post should have a "Nickname" or Tag of some sort (when you tried/failed to have your own mirror chat-site after the original was taken off-line)? I used this tag because of my many characters, because they are masks for me to play in-character, but are also put away when I am not playing them for me to be myself. Your actions here mirror very closely how you have played Jarrod - bemoaning past grievances, disliking a person over association (in this case blurring the line between character & player to fault something in-game on an individual & those they associate with) and painting it with broad-strokes so others can sympathize with you as being a 'victim' of something/someone that you had taken actions on yourself (either in-character or in Out-Of-Character/Personal interactions). I have chosen to attempt to rectify this on my own with you, and I am assuming this post was your response to may WARNING players of your intended THREAT to drag them in. That is hypocrisy from one that wishes not to man up to what they have done & blame others for their own misdeeds (both in-character & personal actions), but theJaer has chosen to blame others here instead of handling himself - pity for theJaer.

[OOC Lurker]: As I know not when theJaer posted his 'thoughts' here, I can only assume by the original 1290 hours since the last posting prior to my two, that it was shortly after my last e-mail to theJaer - in which was my response to his THREAT. Like last time within e-mails that involved others into this, he wished to be the first out while sighting what he views as the others (or in this case me) has done wrong - sighting now that I had warned others that he was contemplating said actions as me not having the guts to handle it myself. I have read his grievances, and addressed them all in the past with additional enquiries to clarify a resolution befitting the setting of the game we both care for, yet those seem to have fallen on deafened ears because of his own choosing. While I am willing to communicate in good faith with theJaer in e-mails, it has been his choice to restrict communications between us, of which I have respectful of (originally was general & game-related, then only game-related and the current is only game-related with another player being included/informed or the THREAT would happen). While I have no fear of his THREAT, it is my choosing to not wish to drag others into this that seems to anger him (while he has claimed I want to run the setting, he has passively done so himself [by action] in what seems to be a defensive belief I am going to do so). The Changes to the Setting (that is falsely claimed I am not accepting) was an addition to the Chantry Security System, that theJaer (as player of Jarrod, the Euthanatoi Representative) did not chose to inform ALL Representative Players (myself included) of the extent of the setting changes (i.e. strait up refused to give any information on), while that was over a year ago. That change was brought on by a breach in security in which one of my characters was involved, though the situation was greatly worsened by theJaer's actions as Jarrod (announcing to an unaware sleeper/hedge-magi that the Infinity location was a chantry, and Jarrod was an Euthanatos magus, and other Magi came there).

: Oh ww chats...20 years later, and little has changed....

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