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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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Bridge: Oh well. I'm off for the night.

Bridge: *Waves*

Stephen-P: Sorry for the absence, Bridge-P. Next time I catch ya on here let's exchange emails so we can keep spitballing. Didn't want to leave mine lying around for everyone to see.

[OOC Lurker]: Oh, what a flickle thing it is, to reads an Aura. Is what you see what you really get?

[OOC Lurker]: Vampires are suppose to have colors Paled, but Ghouls can have that too (via merit). So, how many others can 'break' these "rules"? Now reverse the last with a "Blush of Health", and would not logic say a Vampire might seem to be the Ghoul for all nights of day? (For physical description of the Vampire's touch is now like a Revenant, or Dhampir)

[OOC Lurker]: Now with that done, onto Mage; does an Awaken have Myriad Sparkles all Day? Do the others not glitter when their powers enact; Be them Vampire (especially Tremere), Werecrtter, numina-user or Fae? The Nephandi are not the only darkened souls, so would not the black waves for any with a "Taint of Corruption" (Flaw) ripple & flow? Could not the Dark veins of a Diablerist be also the mark of an Ethanatos with too much Jhor?

[OOC Lurker]: As for the Beasties that change their skins, a Bright & vibrant colors at not theirs alone. For a mortal can have ("Burning Aura" out of WoD: Sorcerer, possible "Potent Blood" for Mortals in V:tM, or as an Aura Marker for Kinfolk with Gnosis), or would that be no? Tired and loopy I might be, though questions to ask as you can see. Typos happen to us all, so don't get distracted and chase that ball.

[OOC Lurker]: As for the Fair that are known to be Change(ling); do not the ones that "Honored Birthright" (Kinian Merit) blessed or with Glamour in their Veins (Another Merit, though at moment do not remember; darn Mists of the mind) not have the Highlights of Rainbows, or is that only for the true Fae souls of the Sidhe? For the other side, the Risen and Wraiths, some see those as unearthly taint. So would not those that live by a touched 'spirit' ("Otherworldly Taint" flaw out of WoD: Sorcerer) share the same (Aura Reading) fate?

[OOC Lurker]: For the Kuei-jin and their half-damned kin (I know they are called Dhampires though not sure if that is the spelling for), these rules seem to not fly. Yang imbalance read as Were-beast, while Yin imbalance read as Childe of Caine, and balanced seem to be only normal humans. The ones of Yang in moderation seem to be overly Healthy (another Aura Reading interpretation of "Potent Blood" Merit) or patchy pale for the Yin (Cainite Ghouls). On tot the Hunters that are Imbued, what Faith do you follow for your Halo to be True? (For both Imbued & those with True Faith can have golden Halos) And to the Fallen, what comes forth from if you lay with a Mortal (a play on the "Nephilim" Merit out of Blood Treachery)?

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: A psychologist with a specialty in anger management gets embraced by the Brujah!

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: Another concept, a Gecko Pooka who claims to be a cursed dragon

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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