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Spooky: I don't particularly care one way or the other if people want to start a Sidhe hold. I only play one Sidhe regularly, though, and I would like to keep bringing her into Firnost. At this point she tries to avoid politics in the US. The commoner's mew thing makes sense for why it not part of a chain of this lord and their lord and what not, but I think it serves the game best if people play what they like. I've seen this place be majority Sidhe, Sluagh, Nockers and Satyrs since coming back, (usually one of the former two) and I have seen it be pretty much three people only for weeks to months. And with the garden and hold as good options, I don't think splitting the playerbase were on a given night where the people in usually hovers around 3, though it does get busy fortnightly or so. If the place were packed splitting the population would make more sense, I think.

Spooky: The room mostly sits empty, and rarely exceeds 5 people. Splitting that could make it even harder to get good RP.

: That's a fair point. I think some nights it gets so busy it's doable, then others well, you have one pc and three lurkers who can't come in right now

Spooky: And based on a few conversations, the Lurkers usually can't come in, but want to watch what is going on. That's the case with me. I may be remembering, but I think we only managed to hit 5 people once this week, and the rest of the time was usually 2, with a few 3s.

Spooky: misremembering*

Spooky: I mean people IC, obviously, and not counting empty room time.

: Right *nod* Still, might be interesting to have a noble court sort of situation once a week

Spooky: I'll also note it is convoluted IC. Miriam Meadows is a Sidhe, but she mostly hangs out with Tina and Colette, Mannikens, so she would ignore it or she would stop seeing the people she talks to most. Colette mostly talks to Miriam, Tajier, and Madeline, so she would be SOL, and August is part of a clique with Clem, Zara, and Earl, so that would remove him from people he talks to most. Lizette talks to Tajier most, and she has no buisness being near a Sidhe hold. Tajier is also dating the Satyr, Lucas. So in addition to the population being so small, it would rend a lot of cliques, and lead to either characters played less or Sidhe in the Commoner room and Commoners in the Sidhe room, at which point we just have a split pop and little more.

Spooky: I don't mind that either. As long as one can play what they want where they want, within reason.

Spooky: (Er Mannikin and Satyr, I think the phone ate part of my sentance)

: I can certainly understand that

: Still ,might be fun now and then.

Spooky: I agree an event can be fun. Not arguing against that at all, take something like Sidhe Court or Sluagh rumor swap and grab a room once in a blue moon. :) We can coordinate here or via the evilpaws site.

: Something to consider, thank you

Spooky: Np

: I need to find the Caer Adeg site

: Cool lets drain even more players from this site with Sidhe-only Bullshit.

: Wow. Okay, a bit hostile, but I think translated you mean "It's a bad idea" :)

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *pops in, looking for folks*

Marvin Drover (Kinian ? Enchanted): Hope you find them.

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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