State Fairgrounds

Once the pride of the state, the fairgrounds have since fallen into disrepair. Located between Necropolis and neighboring Independence, the grounds themselves have become a haven for the squalid underbelly of urban life. Transients, drifters and others with no other place to go can be found here amidst the faded signs and boarded up windows. Broken beer bottles and used hypodermic needles litter the area while old newspapers blow across the main yard and plaster themselves to nearby fences. Streetlights flicker overhead, casting their pale halogen glow across the dreary scene.

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Luke (@Wooded Fairgrounds Outside Necropolis): ((Nah, mine might be going too fast.))

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): ((Kevin can borrow Jarrod's brain to remember how to drive the car back. Or Jarrod will sober himself with magic and drive em back. Either way, future scenes can be played in the Chantry.))

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): ((thanks for being here.))

Luke (@Wooded Fairgrounds Outside Necropolis): ((*applause to all!*)) ((Or they can trust their lives to Luke to drive back, and know real terror.))

Kevin of Usher: He just nods, not yet able to put together sentences that would be more clear or useful. Talking is too much work, when the buzz of music and magic has such a grip on him. The mention of the word 'home' makes him sway again. More nodding, emphatic.

Luke (@Wooded Fairgrounds Outside Necropolis): *He'll help load the car, and if needed, help the sidhe into the passenger seat. He is content to keep the instruments company in the back, stretching out and likely -- falling asleep on the drive back. Probably for the best; keeps the others rom getting nerve-wracked by his yelling when Jarrod runs a red light. And once there, he will unload the car, while the other two men go inside* *Fade?*

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): *Familiar patterns fall back into place. With the ease of habit, Jarrod packs up with the efficiency of a soldier, borrowing from one who knows how to be such so efficient. The Mustang is packed much differently than when they left the house. Jarrod will help pack Luke's things as well* I will give you a ride back too you know. *not about to have driven him around(in more ways than one) only to abandon him now. Buzzed as he seems he will borrow also Kevin's sobriety and let his custos be drunk for the ride back.*

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): ((fade is good. passing out here))

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): ((And he will help with the unpacking as well))

Luke (@Wooded Fairgrounds Outside Necropolis): ((I assumed they wouldn't leave him behind. *L* Night!))

Jarrod of Usher (Let the Tears Fall): ((heheh course not. ;) Night )) (((GONE WITH THE SIN)))

: **********************

: A young man in his late teens walks the statefair grounds. He's built like a high school linebacker. his long hair tied into a pony tail behind him.

: Oddly, he seems a bit cautious, as if expecting trouble. Not from the drifters and transients, but from the shadows that loom even in the brightest day.

: "Well, well," He says to the open air, "What are you?"

: Reaching for his back, he grabs nothing. Having a grip on the nothing, he begins to swing wildly at the air, hands stopping at odd and abrupt times

: He cries out in pain once, but then grits his teeth and makes a smashing motion! The young man isn't dressed for performance art, but that's what this must be...either that, or he's just mad as a hatter.

: With a victorious yell, he makes one final motion, and then takes a deep breath, "Almost a shame I had to do that..." he limps even though he appears unwounded, "Who trained it to hunt?"

: The young madman makes his way out of the fair grounds.

: ***************************************************

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Alleyway (0)
Dark business that seems only suitable for the streets takes place here. Footsteps echo down narrow pathways that wind between dilapidated buildings.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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