Dark business that seems only suitable for the streets takes place here. Footsteps echo down narrow pathways that wind between dilapidated buildings.

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: Quite silently, she moves to a door and sweeps away some trash piled in front with her foot. She knocks three times, then a pause. Two more knocks, and a pause. Then three more times.

Tick-Tock: After what seems like an eternity, the door swings wide open revealing a man. He was a rather short fellow Perhaps five six at best. Dressed in a ridiculous red suit more fitting to a circus ring leader than anything else. He even had a top hat to boot, completing the image. The overall affect being that he belonged in a circus full of tents and garish neon lights. But the sparkling gleam in his eyes, the cruel twist in his smile had nothing to do with mirth or joy. Quite the opposite. And when he spoke the sound was like rusty wheel, rasping and squeaking in desperate need of oil. "Goodness gracious what have we here?" He croons, and then the smile turns into a sneer. "Oh... it's you. Do you have it?"

:: "Of course."

Tick-Tock: "Well then what are you waiting for?" The sneer vanishes in favor of a toothy smile. A hint of spittle dripping from the corners of his lips. "Come in, come in. Make yourself at home."

:: "Do you have what I asked for?"

Tick-Tock: Tapping fingers together. "You know, the last person who knocked on my door had the audacity to give me a pamphlet extolling the virtues of a man hung on a stick." Bending at the waist, he leans in close. "Want to know what I said? Hmm? Drawing closer he starts to leer. "I told him... You want to know how it's reeeally done? Hmm? Do you?" And quite suddenly he screams. "YOU TAKE THE STICK. AND YOU DRIVE IT UP THEIR ANUS! AND HOIST THEM ON HIGH AND LET THEM SLIDE DOWN AS THE STAKE PEIRCES THEIR INTENSTINES, AND THEIR STOMACH, AND THEIR HEART!"

:: Despite the remarkable calm she had displayed so far, the violent screaming made her flinch.

Tick-Tock: Smiling again like the Cheshire cat. "Yes, I have it. Now come inside. Come inside. I'll make us a nice cup of tea. You like tea don't you? Of course you do. Your kind always likes tea. You give me what I want. I give you what you want. And we'll all have a wonderful... WONDERFUL time." He announces, disappearing back inside.

:: She steps inside. And the door slams shut behind her.

:: "You shouldn't scream outside like that. You know there's a Gwydion Knight running around town who thinks he's protector of the city. He'd kill you if he knew about you." A pause, "Also, serious question. What's up with those kids?"

Tick-Tock: "Oh, him." His face twists into something ugly. As though he had just bitten into something truly vile. "My -eyes- have seen him. Trust me, I am far too wily for that one. And speaking eyes... would you be willing to sell me yours? I'd pay quite handsomely you know."

:: "Not for sale."

Tick-Tock: "How about just one eye. Surely you don't need both of them, do you? I promise it will only hurt for a moment..." He offers sweetly.

:: "Can we complete the deal we already have, please."

Tick-Tock: "FINE!" He says angrily and thrusts a rolled up scroll of yellowed parchment. "I don't know why your in such a hurry. It will be months and months and months before it does you any good." His eyes fall on the bag greedily. "Now give it too me."

:: Rather than do as he says, she sets the bag down on the ground at his feet and turns to leave.

Tick-Tock: Like a snake lashing out to catch it's prey he snatches the bag and peers inside. A broad toothy smile forming on his face. A bit of drool dripping from his lips. When he's able to pull his eyes away from what's inside he'll say. "But... but... but... leaving so soon? I thought we would have tea. I thought... I thought I would CUT YOU! TEAR YOU APART! RIP YOU INTO LITTlE PIECES AND..."

:: The door opens, and she leaves, closing it behind her.

Tick-Tock: "Visit me again soon?" He suggests helplessly. But then with a satisfied sigh he says. "Makes one wonder why we even bother with locks at all."

:: **************************************************

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The Fallen Angel's Back Offices (0)
These rooms are where the business of the Kindred can be handled out side of the prying eyes of the general clientle of the Fallen Angels. Keys are handed out to anyone who requests on efrom the bartender.
Necropolis Memorial Cemetery/Old Seville Mansion (0)
The cemetery lies south of the city proper; just outside the Necropolis city limits. Looming above it on top of a steep rise of earth is the Old Seville Mansion. The manor house had a torrid history in Necropolis that included the death of several members of the Seville family. Necropolis is in an interesting position for any Wraith of any faction to find himself or herself in; Kindred are not the only dead to walk the Necropolitan night... a fact which the growing subset of Necropolis' supernatural communicty are most aware of...
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.

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