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Dark business that seems only suitable for the streets takes place here. Footsteps echo down narrow pathways that wind between dilapidated buildings.

There are 0 people here The most recent statement was made about 2151 hours ago.

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): A handsome fellow with a short neatly trimmed beard, Essix wears a dark jacket with soft gold lining but no shirt under it, and a derby hat of black. That might seem odd, but it's the bright red parachute pants over the custom made leather sandals that really catch you off guard.

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): A saner person might know better than to cut through alleyways, but sanity is for boring people.

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): Essix tilts his head , feeling something, and he mutters "Were I (who to my cost already am One of those strange prodigious Creatures Man) A Spirit free, to choose for my own share, What Case of Flesh, and Blood, I pleas'd to weare, I'd be a Dog, a Monkey, or a Bear, Or any thing but that vain Animal, Who is so proud of being rational."

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): He walks backwards in his own footprints, tips his hat as if bowing to the invisible, then "The Great God Pan IS alive? "

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): Curious and curiousier, he makes his way out of the alleyway

Essix Nubivagant (OoH, Ex-Misc bani Merinita): and gone off elsewhere in this odd odd city.

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The Fallen Angel's Back Offices (0)
These rooms are where the business of the Kindred can be handled out side of the prying eyes of the general clientle of the Fallen Angels. Keys are handed out to anyone who requests on efrom the bartender.
Necropolis Memorial Cemetery/Old Seville Mansion (0)
The cemetery lies south of the city proper; just outside the Necropolis city limits. Looming above it on top of a steep rise of earth is the Old Seville Mansion. The manor house had a torrid history in Necropolis that included the death of several members of the Seville family. Necropolis is in an interesting position for any Wraith of any faction to find himself or herself in; Kindred are not the only dead to walk the Necropolitan night... a fact which the growing subset of Necropolis' supernatural communicty are most aware of...
The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.

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