Necropolis Memorial Cemetery/Old Seville Mansion

The cemetery lies south of the city proper; just outside the Necropolis city limits. Looming above it on top of a steep rise of earth is the Old Seville Mansion. The manor house had a torrid history in Necropolis that included the death of several members of the Seville family. Necropolis is in an interesting position for any Wraith of any faction to find himself or herself in; Kindred are not the only dead to walk the Necropolitan night... a fact which the growing subset of Necropolis' supernatural communicty are most aware of...

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Emmit DeBuke : *Emmit thanks him for the help, but has most of it handled, and soon the old man is heading out...and manages not to die!*

Emmit DeBuke : *GONE*

: And thus ends the tale of how one being learned to accept his two fold nature, in his variance, he found unity! In his conflict, he found inner peace. ICE would grow to be a legend, beloved by all who knew him and a hero of the... *Checks notes* Oh, sorry, wrong guy. He's probably still going to be a jerk now and then. Fairy tales only go so far.

: *************************************

: Something in the mansion stirs, increasingly, the Hierarchy seems to be asserting itself. Obey, or be turned into coins- screaming coins

: ****************************

Tisiphone Payne: *skips, humming, through the Cemetery. Collects a bit of dirt from the ground, bark from the tree, and hums, skipping out.*

: Storm warnings for KS, MO

Mitchell "Mitch" Steward (Wraith): "Boo."

Tisiphone Payne: *Hikes through the Cemetery picking up trash before heading back out the gate.

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Walking past the Cemetery, he tips his hat*

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Once again at the Cemetary, Murph hops the fence, staying low as to not draw attention as he moves among the graves*

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Gathering some dirt, he pockets it and looks about a sec before creeping along to a different grave*

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Hops back over the fence, moving on*

: ***************************************************

Kassy DuMonde, goth girl: *A tall, willowy woman, pale, with long black hair; no doubt just a few years ago school-mates thought it was funny to call her Morticia. She favors long dresses on the dark spectrum of greens, purples, blues and of course, she wears black. She's looking at the end of her 20's, but there is still plenty of life in her yet, more's the pity.*

Kassy DuMonde, goth girl: She drifts through the cemetery with a disgruntled expression.

Kassy DuMonde, goth girl: She pauses among the tombstones.

Kassy DuMonde, goth girl: Grimly, with a whisper and a soft breath, she says "Re-enforcing the stereotype... sometimes I hate myself."

Kassy DuMonde, goth girl: And she drifts away, out of the final resting place and into the city beyond.

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Lake Smithville Woods (0)
Vast expanse of lakefront property fringed by woods. One can expect to see the shore abound with fun and frolic as any lake would... only this fun and frolic is done exclusively at night. The Garou are lords of this land, others should tread carefully.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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