Directory of Chat Rooms
Okay, first off, I do not own any of the terms or images on these pages; they're pretty much all owned by White-wolf. Heck, I don't own the layout or design of these pages even. This is a purist recreation of the old HTML chats that used to be hosted on This site is NOT "enhanced by Interaction" despite what the bottom of the page says; that was left to maintain the purist historical value as it was on the original pages. I don't even think Interaction still exists. In fact, these pages are a combo of copy/paste for the front end and myself entirely rewriting the back end from scratch. I have to say I couldn't have done this without the wonderful folks at White-Wolf for hosting the original chats and also The Wayback Machine for archiving the chats which allowed me to dig up the exact layouts and decriptions and links. And of course I want to thank all the people who used to play on the site that made it so much fun and so memorable. I'd also like to note that this is a labor of love. It's only me working on it in my free time (of which I have a constantly decreasing amount). Yes, I could have added new functions/features/colors, and there have been other chats that grew from the HTML chats that have done so. Instead, I wanted a pure, exact copy of what we used to know/love/hate. In light of that, I will probably either create a new portal or try and trackdown/revive my old one. Finally, a note on time. I pulled the chats from circa 1999-2000. The Wayback Machine only goes back to '99 and around late 2000, white-wolf started making changes to the rooms that made most of us want to drive to their offices and plant bombs (like dumping DQ and others in the middle of some junky Open Chat rooms).

P.S. I know some of the hidden rooms are missing. For example, the Shadowlands that DQ tended to use for plots. Since these weren't linked from anywhere, the Wayback Machine didn't have them and I couldn't get descriptions and links. Sorry.



Directory of Chat Rooms

Welcome to the White Wolf Chat Rooms. Select where you would like to visit.

Clicking on the link to Necropolis will take you to a dark and dangerous place within the World of Darkness. Please note that all interactions in Necropolis are IC (In Character). If you would like to have conversations out of character, please see one of the meeting rooms below.

Fuyoshi Station takes you to the world of the Trinity Universe where psions may interact onboard a large space station.

The meeting rooms are simply places to chat OOC (Out Of Character). Conversations that are not part of the game should be done here.

A warning: These chat rooms are unmoderated and adult conversation often takes place there. It is our policy not to restrict the language or subjects of conversations taking place within, however, anyone found being abusive on this site will be banned from returning. Please act with courtesy and maturity to the other players.

World of Darkness: Necropolis (0)
Highway 365 joins the twin metropolis of Necropolis, Kansas and Necropolis, Missouri with nearby Independence and Lake Smithville. In a place more sinister and desperate than most people will ever know, they could hardly be called cozy neighbors. You are on a highway to the hellish environs of Necropolis, where will you exit? (This is a World of Darkness chat room.)
Fuyoushi (aka Absolute Zero) (0)
This space station hovering on the inner edge of the Asteroid Belt is well known for it's lawlessness and wild "frontier town" feel. Thousands of ships pass through the massive spacedock, asteroid miners start numerous bar brawls, shady deals take place in the back rooms, and bodies get mysteriously flushed out of the airlocks. (This is a Trinity chat room.)
The Meeting Place (0)
A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
The Meeting Place 2 (0)
A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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