Shadows Bar Deck

From here patrons can overlook the lake and take in cool breeze under the moonlight.

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Rayne: "Storm.. ? Really?" She shrugs and moves along with him, her half full glass of rum and coke carried with her. "And I know it wont feel as satisfying as I think to actually win.. but if that wasnt what I strived for.. well.. I would never get anywhere, y'know."

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): true. I used to savor destroying Vampires. *and he doesn't care who overhears him saying that.* Righteous... After a time it became less about survival and making them suffer and more of a chore.I was getting stronger than the ones I could safely deal with. I say Safely, because those that are more difficult, stronger, older, have many political connections and are clannish in the extreme. Killing one of them unless in very special circumstances, can get a dozen more attacking you. Kill the young Vampires, they are less missed and more reckless and their recklessness makes them easy targets. Vampire courts would rather be rid of the reckless youth that gets themselves into trouble. We, can afford to lose our young magi to the same recklessness. Which is why I caution you to pick your battles carefully. It's going to be a thrill for you, until it's suddenly tiresome. I suppose I'm only hoping to steer you away from hobbies that will become disappointing to you.

Rayne: "Im not about to go chasing vampires.. Ive never even met a vampire. as far as i know." Rayne looked a bit stunned at his story. And his knowledge about the vampire culture. She knew he had insight, but still. "And itcreeps me out to think about the fact that they are all around us..." She paused to drink some. "I doubt a hobby that gets disappointing stays a hobby.. Sometimes that is just a sign to find new hobbies."

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): Not as many as you might expect, but more in this town than many others. I was a part of their world in my youth. I still bear the scars as proof. I suppose that's true about hobbies. *he finishes his glass of water and sets it aside, stepping out a bit more toward the railing to light up a cigarette* I suppose it's true about hobbies. While I' don't think I'll ever lose certain habits or insights I gained among Vampires, politics, intrigue, manipulation... *he smirks* I have found other ways to use them. I hope to teach you how you can use those skills without having to go through such lessons to learn them. Still, you seemed hellbent on getting your hard knocks in while you can. I can relate to and admire that.

Rayne: "Im.. easily bored. Im quick to anger.. I dont like authority figures... I want the.. i dont know. uncertainty.. the danger?" Trying to analyze herself, it was going so-so. "I suck at manipulating people.. unless it is possibly with my body.. either because im a woman.. or because i can punch people in the face. " She smirked a bit at that and joined him, at an aura-safe distance.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): ((pausing for food))

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *he drags as he listens, the scent of clove wafting around him* Perhaps you are a straight up, uncomplicated Adrenalin junkie.

Rayne: "Not sure if I should take that as an insult or not. Being uncomplicated.. " She chuckles as she leans forward on the railing. "But, yeah.. could be that."

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): it means you won't have to worry about politics or manipulation or any of that stuff. But you are a competitive adrenaline junkie. So there's that.

Rayne: "I can still be the target of it.. " A quiet observation. "I guess I need to learn not to bite off more than I can chew." She emptied the glass. There was a warm feeling beaming from inside and even if she wasnt drunk, it gave a pleasant sensation. "On another note... I was pondering maybe moving into a wing at the clubhouse.. "

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): Also truth. But I think you are sharp enough to recognize manipulation when it's directed at you. might sound like a manipulative complement, but I mean it as a fact. You know better than to try such things with me, or at least you know which tactics work on me and I have to concede that they work. Likewise I give you as much straight fact as I can give you for your experience to handle. Manipulation can complicate things. Why make my job harder on myself feeding you lies and mysteries? *he shrugs and drags* Which wing do you think?

Rayne: His words make her smirk and she rolls her eyes a little. "Well. with you .. there is that. I dont know where I have you, even if you say you arent manipulating me.. at least not harmfully. I have no illusions you push and pull where it fits the way you are teaching." She looks down into her empty glass. "The manipulation I need too learn how to see is the one that comes from outside people.. THe ones I dont know. But then again, the simple phrase 'trust no one' comes to mind." "I am an orphan.. as it is.. right now."

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): You have me where I choose to be. the role of your Mentor. An Authority figure you can hate, but still learn from. *He smiles that sneaky smile of his* Someone who doesn't mind being hated and enjoys teaching. *he drags again, letting the smoke and steam billow away overhead* Hmmm Orphan. I suppose that suits. What brought this on? Guest rooms too small for you?

Rayne: "Where you choose to be -right now-.." She remarks with a grin, glancing at him where she is leaning on the railing. "And i dont hate you .. well.. ok.. i do.. but not like that.. nevermind.. " She gives up explaining that emotion and knows he doesnt mind either way. "Well.. I have yet to find a certain place.. and why live in one or two rooms when I can have a whole wing.. and make use of myself keeping it in order. I guess." She shrugs a little. She refrains from saying it was Ray who brought it up.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *he chuckles and nods* You know if you chose Dreamspeakers or any of the other Traditions with vacant wings, it would be the same thing. You are quite a conundrum, you know that? And not in a bad way.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): Why don't we go for a drive. I'll give you a ride back to the clubhouse or Usher if you want to spend the night. We can talk more about aspirations and living spaces.

Rayne: "I know.. but I havent really chosen anything.. And I said i MIGHT move into a wing." Rayne gives another unsure shrug and then looks out over the lake. "Hmm? Oh, yeah. that sounds like a great idea. This might not be the best place to discuss living quarters." She agrees and pushes to stand straight.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): *Jarrod leads the way down the stairs once she's ready and around the building to the parking lot where the Mustang awaits. He doesn't know how she arrived and doesn't think to ask.* After you.

Rayne: "Oooh.. quite the gentleman.. " She moves to his car and will take a seat in the passengerseat.

Jarrod of Usher (Whisper in the Chaos): Of course... *he climbs in and starts it up. With a roar and a rumble, off they go* (((GONE WITH THE SIN)))

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Shadows Bar (0)
Located 20 minutes outside the Necropolis, MO, city limits. Situated on the shores of Lake Smithville, Shadows Bar has gotten quite the reputation and the locals have dubbed it as a place that "caters to the strange and unusual." All denizens of the World of Darkness are welcome here.
Lake Smithville Woods (0)
Vast expanse of lakefront property fringed by woods. One can expect to see the shore abound with fun and frolic as any lake would... only this fun and frolic is done exclusively at night. The Garou are lords of this land, others should tread carefully.
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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