Chopper's Junkyard

This everchanging maze of wrecked or discarded vehicles lies in the suburbs of Necropolis, KS. Neighbors of the junkyard report that attacks by feral dogs are common. They also claim that inbred families live in abandoned vans on the grounds and pirate the forsaken junk for materials ranging from computer chips to tire irons. A ten foot tall chain link fence topped with rusty barbwire keeps all but the most determined curious kids from suffering mishaps. (Controlled by urban Garou.)

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Raymond "Grey" Baxter: *an old military colored Willey's Jeep pulls up to the front gate and a man [Caucasian with Native American features clear on his face/ early 40's/ about 6'/ around 220 lbs/ short brown hair with some graying around the ears & side-burns/ tanned skin/ midnight brown (almost black) eyes/ wearing a t-shirt, jeans, sport-boots & fingerless work-gloves] climbs out and looks around* `ello? *sniffs the air & grins*

Raymond "Grey" Baxter: [OOC Dang, missed them by that much!] *sighs as he seems to get no response again, but the smell at least told him something as he climbs back into the Jeep*

Raymond "Grey" Baxter: *he drives off* [Gone, for now]

: (Try posting your arrival /leave times when you come and go, may help the next person catch up...)

: (Test!)

Steele lurk: Old JY player checking in. Miss this place.

Isaiah Hellermann (I.C.E.): ((WB!))

: So anyone want to start up a new JY game?

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Walks past the fence, peering over the side before moving on*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *The man enters the area and seems to sniff the air as he does so. He's a broadshouldered man, and appears to be of middle eastern descent. His nose is pronounced, but not to the point of comedy, and while he has a full beard, he keeps it neatly trimmed and short. He's wearing a leather jacket, solid walking shoes, and a pair of jeans that look very well worn.*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *He sits down before a barrel of burning garbage, ignoring the cold for now*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Moments later, the man is gone, and a wolf remains...patrolling about the place*

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *GONE*

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): His slightly larger that five and a half frame seems more aged than his mid-twenties age would suggest with the weathered leather duster over a simple t-shirt, threadbare jeans with some minor rips and a pair of worn hiking boots. With a hiking pack and a thin instrument case on his back, David walks along the edge of this scrapyard.

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): ((Dang, it was 1235 hours before my post. That is over 50 days, and no one wants to have a place were Shifters can just chill? If you do not have a gathering to make groups from, you can not have game. Socializing should be a part of the Garou, for both Humans & wolves are social critters, Sure it can be argued which 'fights' more to be top Dog, but Dang, if you don't come and socialize you can never find friends))

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He comes to the Guard's shack and notes that no one is around. So, he presses the button for the night bell, though hears nothing near by.

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): After a time of waiting ((Real life about 30 min)) and looking around without going inside the fenced area, David sighs and decides to move on for now. ((Gone at 11:25 am Eastern US))

: There are 0 people here The most recent statement was made about 650 hours ago.

Alexis DuMonde (scary girl): *In her late teens, dark red hair slicked back and short. She wears a red military beret over it, with an elaborate "ER" on the flash. Her outfit is a combination of biker and goth; black leather corset, lace-up pants low on her waist, motorcycle boots, and a collarless, arterial-red leather jacket. She has piercings; belly-button, nose, ear, probably others, as well as tattoo ink both seen and unseen. Her eyes are small and narrow distrustfully at everything and everyone. Despite how she's dressed, she does not scream 'victim' as much as 'DANGER!!' in big red letters.*

Alexis DuMonde (scary girl): She stomps through the junkyard area, looking through the ever-changing maze of wrecked or discarded vehicles. Any feral dogs threaten, growl, and snarl at her... but for whatever reason, do not attack. She eyes the junked up motor homes and stinking tarps with a sneer. It is broad daylight, and she walks without fear, almost eager. She stomps through, and is gone.

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The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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