Chopper's Junkyard

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This everchanging maze of wrecked or discarded vehicles lies in the suburbs of Necropolis, KS. Neighbors of the junkyard report that attacks by feral dogs are common. They also claim that inbred families live in abandoned vans on the grounds and pirate the forsaken junk for materials ranging from computer chips to tire irons. A ten foot tall chain link fence topped with rusty barbwire keeps all but the most determined curious kids from suffering mishaps. (Controlled by urban Garou.)

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Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *Doesn't seem to be much of a talker*

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He looks about as he then makes his way to the main gate, though knowing the Yard's operations don't include Sunday hours, with measured and sure steps.

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *he raises a brow as David approaches*

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He looks about before doing a Howl Of Announcement (I'm White-Devil, Aden Gallard of the Fianna, and Wish to know if I may enter your territory?) and his Singers voice makes the closest tones that a Human's throat can produce.

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *A response* (Enter, I am Memphis Walker,Alhroun of the Silent Striders. This territory is open to all of Gaia who honor the litany)

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He Pauses for a moment, before advancing to the gate carefully. David looking about carefully as he passes and enters with his slightly larger that five and a half frame seems guarded, as his mid-twenties age would suggest with a simple t-shirt, threadbare jeans with some minor rips and a pair of worn hiking boots. With a hiking pack and a thin instrument case on his back. "hello?"

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *He appears to be sitting on an upturned metal drum* "Welcome. Cop a squat if you wish."

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He nods and move near and in a ascent that is between Gaelic & hill-folk, "I thank you for your kindness, Memphis." David finds a seat, but removes his pack and instrument case before sitting.

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "Not many here now, and infrequently. But it's not mine to grant per se."

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He nods, "That is sad to hear, considering another has his hands full with the same situation near here, if you travel to the reservoir's woods." He pulls out his instrument case and removes from it a mountain dulcimer, that a few strings are plucked to see if it is still in tune.

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "I've heard. I travel a bit, though mostly here. Better one warrior now and then than none period."

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): "He may not be of the moon for a Warrior, like yourself," David says as he starts plicking a relaxing tune. "Though as my blood is from the Eire, and yours is from the Sand, His is of the Brother of the North Wind."

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "Ah, closer to his home then, than many," *A drink from his flask of water*

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He shrugs as the 'King of the Fairies' is played, "He minded me not in the Bawn, though he also covers that land as a Ranger for the Wildlife. Commented that I was the first of my Clansmen that he had seen in a time."

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "Lean time for the people all over. " *He rises* "Pardon me..." *He puts on his jacket* "I need to get going."

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): "Way the wind be at your back as you travel with keen eyes, and wind at your front in battle to know what you fight," David says with a grin.

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *A nod* "May your foes fall before they can touch those you care for."

Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *And he heads out* (((Have a good day))

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): He nods with a sad grin in return to the Striders words as he continues to play tunings on the dulcimer.

David "White-Devil" Fionndamh (F/M/G/3): After a time of playing, he packs away his instrument wanders & finds a vehicles that was a RV at one time in favorable shape to be shelter for the night and makes sure he is not intruding as he enters. ((Night to all & thanks for the RP, Memphis-player))

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The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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