Firnost Freehold

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What appears to only be an abandoned, run down warehouse to the untrained mortals eyes is to Fae eyes a lovely bed and breakfast, almost New England in style and charm. (This is a Changeling Chat Room)

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Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): *The Sidhe entered in boots. Clean, ankle and black leather boots. They led to comfortable as much as casual cotton slacks in dark midnight blue. A long sleeved white, light cotton blouse balanced everything keeping things very relaxed. Her blond locks full of rich body and vibrancy tumbled down about her shoulders. A tired blue eyed countenance irrepressibly gazed out at the world. She did walk with something of a drift to her step. Oh, and her boots? They had spurs!*

Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): *In from the garden she made her way, a slight drift to her step before she paused in the doorway. From the doorway? On toward the bar with her ever wandering course*

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): Hi Lauren.

Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): Good evening you two *she noted with a smile to the other Sidhe*

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: As best I can tell, He told the commander, leaders of the commoners that the Angel killed the Major domo. They rose up and tried to kill a lot of us. I am all keeping the warlord from loosing his minions the populace. It will go badly...the Sidhe were hit first, my hotel room included.

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: Hey Dove.

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): *frowns slowly* I see

Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): *A frown, eyes sharpening with concern* Your room?

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: *everything within a meter of Madeline has a thin layer of Rime*

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: My hotel room. I was...with Tajier here at the time.

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): small blessings

Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): That was rather rude of them.

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: Well Sarka is cooking up some plague. I talked her into holing off.

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: holding*

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): things are going to turn out poorly...

Lady Lauren Merrell (Sidhe Grump): *A frown* ... *she orders a glass of chocolate milk from the gauntlets*

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: So I am trying to stop the Warlord from washing over these people like an eve-flowing stream who tried to kill me.

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): you may b right about the bedlam... his actions aren't those of a long time leader... inviting destruction to all his land

Madeline DeWinter, Lady of Leanhaun: I think he wanted the Sidhe and Denizens to kill each other. He did not expect me to actually start getting somewhere.

Tajier Mosier ni Fiona (Sidhe Wilder): still a flawed foolish game.... he's dangerous

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Firnost Garden (0)
Behind the freehold for an acre or so stretches a delightful green garden. Stone paths twist around the cacaphony of delicately manicured flowerbeds and wild explosions of roses. A small stand of willows bends to touch the surface of a clear pond where brightly colored fish occasionally break its still mirror. Only fae or their Enchanted guests can find their way through the doorways into the garden. (This is a Changeling chat room.)
The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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