Firnost Freehold

What appears to only be an abandoned, run down warehouse to the untrained mortals eyes is to Fae eyes a lovely bed and breakfast, almost New England in style and charm. (This is a Changeling Chat Room)

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Kek Kalmet{Eshu Wilder}: Would that I could stay to assist. Blood thirsty as I am*An amused hum, his empty hood turned towards the Troll. Giving him a view into the void*Duty calls. There are still Nightmare uprisings to quell across the Hills.

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: I'm certain I will get by without you*Evenly*Though, while you are still here, my offer to remove that parasite still remains*One large hand lifted to indicate the rippling black mass of the Eshu's volile*

Kek Kalmet{Eshu Wilder}: *A thoughtful pause, giving a short hum*My thanks, Shenk. However...we have become...quite attached*An upward lilt to his tone, amused. A pocket peeling open in the front of his hoodie. Forming lips. Lips that move away from rows of pearly white teeth. Splitting a grin across the belly of the faceless figure*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: Very funny*But he isn't laughing. Stony serious*

Kek Kalmet{Eshu Wilder}: Unusual...for anybody to*A cough*Note my sense of humour. Alas, I should take my leave...before your sides split*An amused hum*I shall remain in communication from time to time. Keep appraised of the situation on the Captains behalf. Though you may not see me...I will be there...*Words which would not fill anybody with comfort*May your Path be Silvered, Shenk*Bowing his head respectfully*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: I'm not here for you or your Captain*He replies, resolutely. No farewell given*

Kek Kalmet{Eshu Wilder}: You seek to better the lives of the Kithain through violence against the Nightmare, Shenk. Like it or not, we all have more in common than you're willing to admit...*A hum, adding*For the time. Until the next our paths cross...*At that, the Eshu glides out of the garden door, thin tendrils of black trailing behind him like whisps of smoke*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: *A resolute silence as his eyes track the Eshu's exit. A move to the window, watching the black shape wind through all the colours of the garden in bloom until it vanishes through a silver trod*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: *He lets out a long breath over wolfish teeth then draws one back in through flared nostrils. Careful of tables and chairs along the path, he then moves towards the balefire. Crouching to come closer to the Glamourous flames*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: *After a long moment of stillness, he rises to better look about the holding proper. Homey. Lived in. Comfortable. Not quite to his size, but he sees some accommodations made for Trollish kin here and there*

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: *He moves across to the bar, taking up one the the flyers the Eshu had shown him earlier. Carefully folding it. Slipping it into a pocket. His only lead, for now*

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: *steps inside, with a bag and an exhale(

Shenk{Troll Wilder}: *With little occurring in the holding, he slips out into the city*

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: *watches the Troll go, and heads toward the stairs*

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: *disappears upstairs*

Sir Morthwyl ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder): He comes in lugging the now chimerically dead form of the Thallian...

Sir Morthwyl ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder): "Frankly, I would have just caved your skull in mortallly, the Right of Life doesn't protect abominations, and even the folks here might cheer me on when they learned of those you've ravaged and murdered. But, we shall see what those of higher rank say."

Sir Morthwyl ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder): He looks about "Anyone want to form a committee? Put it up to a vote by Parliament?" Dryly

Sir Morthwyl ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder): "Nay"

Sir Morthwyl ap Gwydion (Sidhe Wilder): "the Nays have it, move to move this to a hold with an actual goverment? Aye! The Ayes have it." And he drags the body onward out to the garden trods and is gone with the criminal

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Firnost Garden (0)
Behind the freehold for an acre or so stretches a delightful green garden. Stone paths twist around the cacaphony of delicately manicured flowerbeds and wild explosions of roses. A small stand of willows bends to touch the surface of a clear pond where brightly colored fish occasionally break its still mirror. Only fae or their Enchanted guests can find their way through the doorways into the garden. (This is a Changeling chat room.)
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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