Firnost Freehold

What appears to only be an abandoned, run down warehouse to the untrained mortals eyes is to Fae eyes a lovely bed and breakfast, almost New England in style and charm. (This is a Changeling Chat Room)

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Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): ((no problem, hope you get your answers))

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): with pooka anything is possible. but I think she is a good one

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: I hope she is. I would like to get along with a pooka

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): well no reason to jump to bad conclusions

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: *A sip of Chablis* So they are going to Asia...have you ever wanted to go there? Should it be on our long term list?

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): I've been to a place or two on work, but some tourism might be nice

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: where do you recommend?

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): depends on what you are looking for. mostly I've only seen major cities

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: I am more a city girl, truthfully. The county is I don't mind, just different.

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): *nods a bit* then we can see some of the great cities of the east

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: Okay. That goes on the list.

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): you have a list then?

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: I am starting one.

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): planning is always a good thing

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: It is but be have planned enough for one night. Shall we go?

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): it is getting later. and we have mysteries to explore

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: *She takes her glass back with Roxanne's. She then walks over and, with a curtsy, chivalrously* I cannot wait, my love. *and walks her out*

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): *stands taking her arm and moves out with her*

Insincere Marguerite, Sluagh: (Goodnight!)

Roxanne Baines (sluagh wilder): ((good night))

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Firnost Garden (0)
Behind the freehold for an acre or so stretches a delightful green garden. Stone paths twist around the cacaphony of delicately manicured flowerbeds and wild explosions of roses. A small stand of willows bends to touch the surface of a clear pond where brightly colored fish occasionally break its still mirror. Only fae or their Enchanted guests can find their way through the doorways into the garden. (This is a Changeling chat room.)
The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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