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What appears to only be an abandoned, run down warehouse to the untrained mortals eyes is to Fae eyes a lovely bed and breakfast, almost New England in style and charm. (This is a Changeling Chat Room)

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Psalm (Eshu Wilder): *she nods, returning the smile* I did, yeah. It's been good to reconnect. *her head tilts to one side and she gestures "toward" the earbuds with her chin* Whatcha listening to?

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Err...*She glances down to the earpieces, a sheepish little grin spreading across her face*Actually, its the Devilman Crybaby soundtrack. My bandmate made me watch it and then I totally got a little obsessed.

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): *the Eshu laughs and shrugs* I've only heard good things. *she leans over to order a coffee from the bar gloves, laying some battered bills on the bar before looking back to Miriam* How've you been? Haven't seen you here in a while.

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Oh man, I was ~bawling~ by the end! I swear Ste knew that was going to happen, or he was trying to freak me out or something, but...I just couldn't stop thinking about it!*She brushes a hand back through her hair, pushing it out of her face*But I'll stop fan-girling for a minute*She grins brightly*I've been fine, thanks. The holidays are nice and all, but its also good to be back into the groove of things, y'know?*She purses her lips for a moment, lower rings biting into the softness of the upper*Or maybe you don't. You traveling folks like to keep switching things up, so I gather.

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): *she nods* I don't really celebrate many holidays, and my groove is... well... nowhere in particular. It's been nice hanging out here again and seeing all the people. Lots of fun around here for a change. *she touches the bruise on her cheek and laughs* Well, mostly.

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: *She scrunches up her face in a sympathetic wince as her attention is drawn to the bruise*Is that something you got voluntarily? An accident? Please, don't tell me you were attacked...*Though she sounds like she would want to know if that were the case*

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): *she smiles and shakes her head* I mean, I suppose I was attacked but it was voluntary. Training with the friend I mentioned. *she takes her cup from the gloves and sips* So... What's your groove? The one that you're getting back into.

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Combat training? Oh, that's not for me, but I'm very grateful for the folks like you that chose to get tenderized so that you can look out for my pansy ass*With a little self-mocking grin*I work for a city community center slash skate park as part of the crew covering the after school and youth clubs. I'm...ahh...*She scratches at the tip of her nose as she thinks*Like a Summer Camp councilor but all year round*She smiles*

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): Ah, yeah. I totally understand that, I did my share of time in those as a kid. I mean, mine were like art-related, but the same kind of thing. *she raises her cup in salute* Thanks for doing that work for smart-ass kids like me.

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: You are quite welcome*She smiles easily*I'm just. y'know, doing my bit where I can*She shrugs her shoulders loosely, humble*

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): Yeah, that's why I appreciate it. Not many people can or want to do that. *she laughs* And I bet you have to deal with even more obnoxious guys than I did. *she pauses* Is that community center around here?

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: *She nods her head quickly*Yeah, on the west side. Well...west central. And kinda south*She wrinkles her nose cutely*

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): *Psalm laughs and shakes her head at that* I hope you got someone, or at least Siri, to tell you how to get home. *another drink of coffee* How long have you been working there?

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Ma skates never fail me!*She clicks her rear wheels together*I've been in KC couple of years now*She nods her head, as if confirming it with herself*And I moved here ~to~ work there. Only from Topeka, though. Not half a world away.

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): That's cool. Still close enough to, uh, see family and stuff, I guess? *she glances down at the Sidhe's skates and grins* Better than Siri and Alexa combined.

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Yet conveniently distant enough so that my Mom isn't trying to interfere with every aspect of my life*She smirks ruefully*Plus I ended up coming in this direction at around the same time as the rest of my band. It wasn't really planed or anything, it all just fell out that way. Serendipity!

Psalm (Eshu Wilder): Even better. Some girls have all the luck. *she grins* What kind of band?

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: Rock, indie, pop punk with some random covers thrown in?*She sounds quizzical herself, as if doubting her own catagorisations*We're a bit all over the map, to be fair. Erm, what's the word I'm looking for...? Eclectic! Yes!

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: *She scoots up to the counter as the Eshu has to slip away, ordering herself a cup of coffee. Slipping one of her earbuds back in and fiddling with her phone - clad in a home modified case covered in stickers and glittering rhinestones - to skip tracks back and forth*

Miriam Meadows{Sidhe Wilder}: *Her coffee sipped until her mug is empty, she takes one last casually glance about the room before slipping the other bud back into her ear. Fully music'ed up, she rolls out to the streets*

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Firnost Garden (0)
Behind the freehold for an acre or so stretches a delightful green garden. Stone paths twist around the cacaphony of delicately manicured flowerbeds and wild explosions of roses. A small stand of willows bends to touch the surface of a clear pond where brightly colored fish occasionally break its still mirror. Only fae or their Enchanted guests can find their way through the doorways into the garden. (This is a Changeling chat room.)
The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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