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This proud Victorian-style manor stands in the city's residential area. No one knows it's exact location as the manor seems to find those it deems worthy of entry rather than the other way around. Past the wrought metal gates a stone path threads its way up to the wooden porch and the house's main door. A sign reads "Infinity Club: Members Only". On the gate itself, a "Wet Paint" sign "coincidentally" turns aside those with only casual interest in the structure. Stepping inside brings one into the mansion's entry hall, which has been converted into a small club. A scattering of tables, chairs and couches offer places to relax and talk, while a well-stocked bar, a jukebox and a dartboard offer other distractions. Beyond them all a number of warded doorways and staircases lead deeper into the manor proper. (Tradition Magi and Allies only)

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Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *he nods understandingly* I see. Hinduism is not exactly a base teaching of my Tradition either, but we can point out a few tomes if people ask. What does the wing for the Akashayana look like right now? Are there lots of rooms? Enough space for basic needs? A kitchen to stock?

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *He takes a plate of leftovers he's heated up. Pizza, pulled chicken and chips. Not the healthiest, but Jarrod looks like the kind of person who could use the carbs.*

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : "I can point him in the right direction of he asks. I also have a few books on Taoism. But..they are in Chinese..." Her voice trails off as she muses for a moment. "It has been neglected. It needs to be cleaned up. There is enough space. We do not need much." Her brow furrows. "Open space is best. A few closets to keep bedding and other such things in. Many in my tradition are not ones for keeping to many things. Simple is best. Only, I have not the funding for what we do need."

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *Jarrod nods** I wouldn't mind making a donation if it would be amenable. I know our Traditions were at odds on beliefs, but I do not wish to offend by offering. I want to see the Chantry prosper and flourish. At the very least I am handy with a broom and have very exacting standards when it comes to wood polish. I would loan you my services in any means you see fit to use them.

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : She bows her head deeply. "Thank you. I am honored by your offer. Perhaps we can find way to use the same bridge." She gives a small smile. "I can ask my mentor for help. His school does have some money and items I am sure I can call upon." Her nose wrinkles slightly. "I just do not want to bring him upon this chantry." She looks vaguely uncomfortable.

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): Ahh... more of a Traditionalist in the classic sense? I suppose he might see us as diluting our causes by sharing knowledge... Or as lazy or sloppy... *he smirks a bit* I'm sure my old Mentor in New York would sigh and roll his eyes that I'm not practicing my writing in Sanskrit. How can I call myself a Representative?

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : "He is...different." She furrows her brow as she searches her English. "I do not wish to be disrespectful. Or unkind, but he is a bit of a ... pariah? Is that the right word...even to our tradition." She looks a bit ashamed. "But he found me just the same, so I own him that."

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *He nods* Hmmm... Often I find Pariah an unfounded label. Believe it or not, I'm something of a black sheep of my own Tradition, yet here I am. And I'm sure you can ask many whom I've mentored that I might be unconventional, but I taught them well. If he has value to you as a Mentor or as a teacher, then the label he was given by others is incidental.

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : "Those are kind words. Thank you. But still, I will keep him from here, as trouble seems to like him. To much." Her lips twitch into a grin slightly. "I did want you know that I was moving to the Akashic wing. Incas you heard noises, or other wise. Even if none of my tradition comes along while I am here, I would like it to be ready for others."

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *He smirks* I will warn others if they seem alarmed by noises. I think the Akashic wing will benefit from your presence. Should you need more hands to clean with, I know a few that would be glad to lend them. And don't hesitate to ask if you need to borrow supplies for cleaning or tools for repair. Kevin is quite handy with fixing things. I will not Volunteer him, but if you need some help and he's around, I hope you will ask. He is my Consor and I think he has never seen what the Akashic wing holds.

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : She nods. "If I need help. I will ask. I would like to work in pieces of different parts of Asia. I think I might even work on my calligraphy. It will take work and time. The feng shui will also have to be right." She blinks at him. "Now I understand why you have been away so much. This is hard work."

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): ((Distracted by mushrooms. I return)) *Jarrod smiles a bit with a chuckle deep in his chest* It does pile up doesn't it? Perhaps you can visit my home if you don't mind being in the sun watching goats eat weeds. Or if you want to learn how to scrub a donkey.

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : She lifts a brow. "I have never scrubbed a donkey." She looks slightly intrigued. "I will keep it mind." She straightens then, adjusting the bag she is holding to her other arm. "I should get back to work."

Jarrod of Usher (I Will Be The End Of You): *He smirks* I haven't either actually. I always let other people do that. Should be interesting when I do actually have to do it myself. *he nods and goes back to his snack* A farewell to you then Alex. May you walk in light until we next meet.

Wan, Fei Long (Alex) : She gives another respectful bow of her head. "I hope to see you soon. Be well." She flashes a smile then heads off towards the wings. She seems almost excited to set to work.

Raymond "Zuddhantya" Bowie, bani Flambeau: *soft footsteps could only give away his presence to ones with the keenest of hearing as he enters the Chantry, as his sandy brown hair with a few spics of silver & gold flicker in the light parts into a low pony-tail and frames his European clean shaven face. 6' tall & his broad shoulders give away a fighters stance. His eyes are behind a pair of wire rimmed shades/glasses as he peer beneath his bangs & reading his surroundings. He's calm, gives a slight stand-offish feel. His skin has a healthy luster combining with his stature giving him a disciplined, athletic body. He dons a Polo-shirt, light-pants held by a belt. His clothes are well fitted, snug but it lets the viewer aware of his muscular definition and range of movement. They reveal one who works out regularly (not in the gym sense) & uses his body with great power rigorously. Hands covered with a pair of black reinforced fingerless gloves that look like braces. His feet wear a pair of black work bootsand a large tome in his right hand* [OOC: For the Stat bound; Strength 3, Appearance 2, Apparent Age is mid-late 30's, Weight is about 220 lbs.]

Raymond "Zuddhantya" Bowie, bani Flambeau: *looks about as he crosses the floor to the stairs, seeming to wonder something as he does*

Raymond "Zuddhantya" Bowie, bani Flambeau: *climbs the stairs slowly as he thinks on whatever has him preoccupied*

Raymond "Zuddhantya" Bowie, bani Flambeau: *enters the Hermetic Wing, still thinking on something* [Blessed Be]

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