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This proud Victorian-style manor stands in the city's residential area. No one knows it's exact location as the manor seems to find those it deems worthy of entry rather than the other way around. Past the wrought metal gates a stone path threads its way up to the wooden porch and the house's main door. A sign reads "Infinity Club: Members Only". On the gate itself, a "Wet Paint" sign "coincidentally" turns aside those with only casual interest in the structure. Stepping inside brings one into the mansion's entry hall, which has been converted into a small club. A scattering of tables, chairs and couches offer places to relax and talk, while a well-stocked bar, a jukebox and a dartboard offer other distractions. Beyond them all a number of warded doorways and staircases lead deeper into the manor proper. (Tradition Magi and Allies only)

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: Is anyboddy a cult of ecstasy

[OOC Lurker]: As I said in my Prior posting for "Fair and Equal", Nick Farrell is the only one I knew of, though he is one that I also have not seen for in over three months here. The resources of the CoX can be found at either or (same warning on pop-ups as above).

: But what about the Cult of Ecstray?

: pls answer

: I think Nick Farrel started playing on another site so that may be why he hasn't been seen

[OOC Lurker]: If that is the case; I wish Nick's player the best, as it was enjoyable role-playing with them.

Rayne ~OrPhAn~: ****************************************************************************************************

Rayne ~OrPhAn~: Rayne sauntered from the Orphan wing. The doors opening to reveal the music from within. Something not so soothing, more like thrash metal or the likes. As she exited, the small sensor and alarm played its little tune. Rayne smirked at it and shrugged. It was annoying at first, but she found it funny now. Especially every time Luke changed the tune. She headed for the kitchen to find herself something to drink.

Rayne ~OrPhAn~: Dressed in dark purple tights that flared at the calf and a hoodie jacket with tank top underneath, she was warm and snug. Now that Halloween was approaching, she had braided some orange dreads into her dark hair and added some pumpkin and skull jewelry to it. She was humming a tune, not at all in synch with what had been heard from the Orphan wing before the doors shut.

Rayne ~OrPhAn~: She seemed to be in a good mood. Lately there had been less bouts of anger which was a good sign she was doing something right with her life. She wasnt as clingy to Luke either, even though she took all the chances she could to have him help her in her training and engage in conversation for hours on end. When Luke wasnt around, she didnt seem low, like she had so many times before, she foudn other things to occupy her mind with. Studies mostly. She was quite the diligent student nowadays. She found some orange juice in the fridge and poured herself a large glass then rummaged around the cupboard for some cookies or something.

Rayne ~OrPhAn~: "Aha!" She exclaimed in triumph as she found what she looked for. Armed with cookies and OJ, she danced a little as she headed back to her wing. Her moves smooth and fleeting, balance good enough not to spill anything. The place of cookies set on top of the glass as she opened the door, smirking at that tune of music that played as she passed the sensor. Again, another kind of music blared from within the wing. Silence fell as the wing-door quietly fell shut.

: What other site is Nick?

: The LA moderated one. Either that or someone else has a CoX with his name

: What does LA stand for

: Los Angeles probably. It use to be a horrible site but it may have changed. I left when they drove off the Year of the Lotus group because one new person didn't like how the storyteller ran things so the Admin listened to that one person, drove about half the site away who didn't agree with them among various games like Vamp, Mage, Demon etc, made the one person a storyteller and then that person left within no time. It's probably different now since that was years ago if it's the same site and I heard they sort of rebooted around 20th Anni stuff. But it's one of the few still out there and active so they must be doing something right again

: Most moderated RP websites wind up horrible places by nature. Too much favoritism and ego and power tripping. You get people who get fed up and leave, then you have friends of those people stuck in the middle on what choice to make and eventually they may wind up leaving and then your left with story tellers blaming everyone but themselves on why their chat rooms are now empty in most situations. It's a cycle with role play games online and it's been going on since the beginning. I doubt it's regulated to just one set of chat rooms. I would be more surprised if there was one without that sort of drama

[OOC Lurker]: As this has now gone away from Mage focus only, could you please relocate the conversation to one of the Meeting Place Rooms? As it already is a posting thread in one of the rooms.

Nick Farrell -Cultist of Many Colors-: *The sincere desire to watch t.v. is all he can seem to do this day. Laying on the sofa, flipping through the channels with the attention span of several children, or a single Luke.*

Nick Farrell -Cultist of Many Colors-: *His dark eyes start to flutter as he watches the static show, apparently. Leaving it on that as if he's watching some wondrous thing that no one else sees. It is possible, after all.*

Nick Farrell -Cultist of Many Colors-: *He stretches across the sofa, watching idly, as he slowly drifts to sleep.*

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Here with ornate chairs set around a large circular wooden table, the Mages of the Infinity Chantry discuss the affairs of Magic.
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A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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