Burned Out Apartments

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This rubble covered area is all that remains of the Bradford Suites Hotel, which burned to the ground in 1997. The circumstances of the fire were never discovered. The debris here makes for excellent hiding spaces for the indigent and a place to resolve disputes away from the prying eyes of the law.

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Street hoods/Goblins: (Chainsaw goblin gets free from the ice, even as fire spike guy screams out in pain as his shoulder is broken with alarming ease)

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): *Vali sees no reason to let chainsaw guy get a lick in* "New Slip and slide, fun for the whole family! Great on a hot summer! Order NOW" *And ice forms under chainsaw goblin's feet*

Street hoods/Goblins: "Son of a biiitch.." (the chainsaw wielding goblin stumbles, slips and falls, lucky he didn't drop the whirling roaring device on top of himself) (The broken shouldered thallian tries a clumsy one handed swing with his flaming spiked weapon, but to no one's surprise, misses)

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): "Are you still there?" *Vali says as flaming spike guy gives a swing* "we have an ointment for that." *And his next hammer blow goes to the neck, before he turns to the last free, if prone one* "Don't bother asking for mercy. I know what your kind does, and I know what you want to do. This is war, and your side will lose. We'll see to that."

: *from the shadows someone watches, drawn to the sound of conflict, but then in Necropolis, what else is new*

Street hoods/Goblins: (As the prone goblin struggles to stand up right while carrying a chainsaw, he hears the horrible crack of a neck being broken cleanly all the way to one side, and watches his combrade in nightmare fall dead) "Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck.." (He starts to chant) "Nasa, we have lift off, Nasa, we have.." (glamour builds)

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): "Sorry," *the troll trods onto the ice, somehow not slipping at all* "Mission scrubbed." *And he breaks the rib cage and ends the life of the chainsaw wielder*

Street hoods/Goblins: (Whatever cantrip that bunk was for, it didn't have time. Only two goblins remain, and they are encased in Chimeric ice. Air is not with them, and they choke slowly, in cold tombs of the moment)

Tisiphone Payne: *steps out from around the corner. Dark Hair, Pale Skin, Red Lips, Ankh Necklace, Doc Martins. A vision in fishnet. A pretty but otherwise unremarkable girl otherwise. Charms jangle from her wrist and a bit of cord around her waist, crop top shows a fishnet undershirt, and her skirt shows off her stockings*

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): *Vali turns to face the shadows. He trusts the mists will block the memory of the wyrd. Even the CHildren of Lilith do not remember the Wyrd. The Dreaming protects its secrets. Of course, the watcher could be OF the Dreaming, but if thats the case, either it is a kithain... and there is no violation of the Escheat here for the Thallian are enemies of all Fae and unprotected, or it is a thallian, in which case he doubts it will be so bold as to make a move. Perhaps it is something else? regardless, he looks in the direction of the shadowed gaze, covers his lips with a finger, and mimes a 'shhhh' gesture. Even as the last goblin's life winks out. People die all the time in this area. the mortal shells the Thallian infested will draw little attention. Particularly when he moves them on *

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): *A pause at the mortal*"Ma'am" *Politely, for a large blue knight anyway* "You most likely wont' remember, but.. trust me when I say these murderers won't hurt anyone again."

Street hoods/Goblins: (dead and gone)

Tisiphone Payne: I know. I have been hunting them. They. *she scratches her head* Mess with your mind. I've put down as many as I can. But you have a similar origin...but no, you are different from them.

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): "there is summmer and winter, and then there is the void that would end all seasons. These things are of that void." *he says* "I should go. You clearly know too much as it is, and I don't wish to compound it."*he does sort through their wallets, looking it seems for cards and contact lists*

Tisiphone Payne: As you say. But I am a warrior against the darkness. I will not back down. *she turns and begins to leave*

Tisiphone Payne: I have weighed your heart, and you are not a creature of evil, so I will not hurt you. Without reason.

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): "Well, don't get all mushy over a guy, we just met." *He says wryly* "Later, willworker. Watch yourself. If you hunt things of the wyld, they often take note. You appear to be no threat to my people and are doing some good, so... good fortune."

Tisiphone Payne: Good fortune. *a nod, and she leaps up several stories onto the building nearby for a smoke. Maybe.*

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): *He watches her jump* "Who was that masked mortal? Why, that was the looooone stranger. Hiho me, and away." *He looks at the fallen Thallian* "Don't know if you guys come back into other lives or not...but consider me the motel six of your demise. You drive out of the dark again? Well, I'll leave the light on for you...and I'll shove that light right through your hearts all over again. Don't grow where I walk." *And he moves on rubbing at his wounded back*

Sir Vali ap Beaumayn (Troll Wilder): *GONE*

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Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.
The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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