The Fallen Angels Club

When the Kindred enters the bar, the first thing that strikes them is the enormity of the main room; as well as the dark and mysterious atmosphere due primarily to the dimness of the lighting. Out of all the booths situated around the club, only one has a small candle on the table. It is located off to one side and more or less apart from the other... secluded; although from that vantage point, the entire room can be viewed. This is the booth that the owner occupies and is reserved for her and those who join her. (This Room is for Camarilla Kindred Only)

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Mister Slip: He ahems, politely.

Irving Manfred Prince : Irving turns with a smile, "Mister Slip, so good you could come to my club. Let's talk, what news what news?"

Mister Slip: "It's, about those trouble makers, My...Mister Prince." Mister Slip takes a seat on the other side of the booth. Where as Irving sort of squeezes in, he has no trouble and indeed looks like he might fall in.

Irving Manfred Prince : "Well, boys will be boys, and girls mustn't be sexist, see how hip and down with it I am?" Irving's eyes sparkle "What trouble are they making?"

Mister Slip: "They've taken over the fairgrounds, sir. They and their other A wearing deliquints. That's not so bad, but they're...recruiting"

Irving Manfred Prince : A tut and frown, "At least it's outside the city, but recruiting, they just think I'll let anyone in these days" A scowl which switches to a smile "Well I might, but don't let them know that. Keep an eye on things, Mister Slip. Ironically, KC does have room right now...unpleasant business has narrowed things down eh?"

Irving Manfred Prince : Mister Slip seems less relaxed "But sir? The An...those people, may grow to outnumber us. They might make a serious challenge to your ... management" He seems to speak in a lot of pauses and restarts.

Irving Manfred Prince : (Oh well, DLP)

Mister Slip: Mister Slip seems less relaxed "But sir? The An...those people, may grow to outnumber us. They might make a serious challenge to your ... management" He seems to speak in a lot of pauses and restarts.

Irving Manfred Prince : "Yes, yes, and few people want to come here after the bridges burned with the last manager," He taps his pale pudgy fingers together, "Let it be known that that all those in our organization, who respect the hierarchy, may recruit themselves more freely than previous managers have allowed. Spread word."

Mister Slip: "Mr Prince? Are you sure?" Mister Slip seems shocked.

Irving Manfred Prince : "Are you questioning my judgment, Mister Slip?" A WIDE smile under the mustache. There's something oddly unsettling about that smile.

Mister Slip: Mister Slip cringes, "no no of course not... I'll spread word, and keep keep an eye on the fair grounds too. It's a joy to be.. I don't suppose I might?"

Irving Manfred Prince : 'No no, Mister Slip. I need you focused on serving my interests, besides, you doubted me, you know how that hurts my feelings." a pout that looks very odd on a man his age

Mister Slip: "I am deeply repentant and hope to earn that trust back, sir" Mister Slip assures him, "I shall get word out to the RIGHT people. Not those, those hooligans."

Irving Manfred Prince : "Capital Fellow," The I.M. Prince smiles, "We're on a skeleton crew anyway. Let's get some new blood on our side. Beat those young rascals at their own game." He steeples his sausage like digits, "You can go now. Make it happen. Make me popular. Make me proud."

Mister Slip: "Right away, with mercury's speed" Mister Slip rises and bobs his head before departing.

Irving Manfred Prince : Irving watch and motions to the waitress, "My dear, I've changed my mind. Some of the red, the type with body? Yes. I know it's rare. Thank you. You'll be busier soon I think. I hope to fill these tables." A chuckle "Oh yes, we'll put butts in the seats again if we're lucky"

Irving Manfred Prince : (Will even an informal vampire game get going here? I don't know, but if you wanted a reason you got it- later)

@}~,~: John strolls into the club, idly coughing weakly as his steady strides take him to a booth. He stands there for a time, idly running his fingers along the polished wood of the table.

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The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Fallen Angels Second Floor (0)
The second floor is divided into two sections... one section has all the latest in arcade and electronic tabletop games. The other side of the floor has several pool tables, lined up so as to not deter players from taking their shots;Êas well as several poker tables off to one corner. The room is divided by several archways but no doors. Bar staff are on hand to ferry drink orders back and forth from the main floor to the second floor.
The Fallen Angel's Back Offices (0)
These rooms are where the business of the Kindred can be handled out side of the prying eyes of the general clientle of the Fallen Angels. Keys are handed out to anyone who requests on efrom the bartender.

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