The Bamboo Tower

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The penthouse of this round, black glass skyscraper offers an unequaled view of Necropolis. The Tower's name comes from the segmented appearance that the latest Japanese earthquake-proofing techniques lends. Inside, plush carpets and chairs are in perfect feng shui alignment, along with plants and pakua mirrors that stimulate chi flow. Surrounded by ornate samurai armor, golden Buddhas, and prayer wheels, the Kuei-jin come to be with their own kind and reconnect with their homeland. (This room is for Kuei-jin and their guests only)

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: Anyone mind if we use this or at least the rooftop garden for a noble hold for changeling? Doesn't seem to be any Lotus stuff

: Sounds fine to me...

: *******************************

: This round, black glass skyscraper offers an unequaled view of Necropolis. The Tower's name comes from the segmented appearance that the latest Japanese earthquake-proofing techniques lends. Outside, a ragged child lounges sullenly against the building at a corner, in front of an alley. He whistles through gapped teeth badly in need of braces, his hair slicked back (perhaps with bear fat) and his narrow, ill-proportioned face scowling at the world.

: Down the alley, shrouded in shadows by the height of the buildings above them, a group of perhaps half a dozen teens scrabble through a dumpster. They rip through plastic garbage bags, scour through cardboard boxes, and scatter waste and debris around them.

: "HA!" One of them crows, and swings out of the dumpster with a half-open bag in his fist. "Got one!"

: "Gimme!" There is a jostling for position and posession, a certain amount of violence, before the gang settles down to sullen dagger-glares and sneers at the victor, who holds onto his prize.

: "I found it, I got it, you guys gotta do the work. That's the deal. And..." He smirks. "Looks like it was a cross-cut shredder. Hope you guys didn't have plans for the next week."

: There is a collective groan, and then one of them notices the child's presence. "HEY!" The group turns on him. "You're supposed to be up there, not back here!"

: "Screw you, we got the stuff so there's no reason to have a look out anymore, is there?"

: Several hands, nails like claws, shoot out and slap the child's head, mussing the greased-back hair. "Asshole! You ALWAYS keep a look out till the party's moved on! See if we pay for this, you shit head!"

: "You GOTTA pay!" The boy's alarm is real. "You SAID!"

: "Yeah, but you welshed on the deal. Fuck off." The band of teens turns their backs as the child steam impotently.

: "I'll get you. I'll GET you, you'll see!" Growling, the boy takes off running to the smirking glares of the gang.

: "Ok, you gotta follow me now, so come in. Sooner we get back to the apartments, sooner you losers can get to work." And the newly crowned Alpha sets off, the rest of the pack following. "This is great! We're gonna make bank, guys, even after the Collective's cut."

: Soon only waste and debris populate the alley, and with the night falling, that is probably just as well.

: ************************************

: (As the Eclipse passes over Kansas City, the Dragon Lines bursts with the energies, as even the most jaded hearts seek out ways to observe in wonder!)

Luke (satyr wilder): ((test))

: *in comes a girl with LARGE bags and starts decorating the church with Crochetted and Knitted Blankets/Hats/Scarfs/Gloves all over for any and all who are in need or want*

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Rooftop Garden (0)
Atop the graceful Bamboo Tower is a peaceful rock garden with tiny ancient bansai trees. Zen simplicity stands in contrast to the swirling view of Western chaos in the city below. The mandarins frown upon violence here and are especially likely to punish anyone who is so callous as to thrown an enemy from the roof.
The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.

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