The Necropolis Institute for the Mentally Unstable

Remember waiting for the simple text pages of the chats to load back in the day? Boy, that sucked. Let's hope it doesn't come to pass again since I can't exactly pay ISPs to be in a 'fast lane.' Visit to make your voice heard and try to save Net Neutrality!

There it looms... perched upon one of the highest points in the city. Although located just on the outskirts, the whole of Necropolis is visible. The building and it's grounds, which include the bottom of the hill to it's peak, are surrounded by a 2' thick wall of pure marble. Large iron spikes protrude from the apex of the wall... some say to keep those poor unfortunates in, while others say to keep the "normal" people out.

There are 0 people here The most recent statement was made about 1392 hours ago.

: "Help me... I'm not crazy, I'm not crazy. They're real....demons.. horns and hooves... beauty like Lucifer... beasts... seen it all. Oh god, I see it when I dream... don't let me dream again!"

: "Get out... get the fuck out! Leave me alone! Go to your own damn place! This is MY place."

: "Is there anyone out there...!? Hello!? ..... HELLo!!!!???"

: "Hey, I'm not crazy! I am just trying to stay Sane in an Insane world!"

Mississippi Murphy (Eshu Grump): *Looks up at the institute on the hill and takes a picture, walking on*

: "I am not Argumentative! I'm just forcibly explaining why I'm Right!!"

: -insane chuckling and murmurs after three weeks of the "Silent" treatment-

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The Streets of Necropolis (1)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.

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