The Necropolis Institute for the Mentally Unstable

There it looms... perched upon one of the highest points in the city. Although located just on the outskirts, the whole of Necropolis is visible. The building and it's grounds, which include the bottom of the hill to it's peak, are surrounded by a 2' thick wall of pure marble. Large iron spikes protrude from the apex of the wall... some say to keep those poor unfortunates in, while others say to keep the "normal" people out.

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: "Yep." Adds another, his voice smooth and seductively reasonable. "That's why political assassinations are at an all-time high; the puppets are following orders. They probably can't help it. The new drugs being sent into the population are compelling them."

: The college guy swallows hard again, his eyes growing wilder under the fatigue. "I haven't been able to stop thinking about all the stuff you guys have shown me. Drugs like Patio Giggles, Sweet Chowder, Toilet Brittle.... They're going to destroy civilization with this stuff! The lies, the hidden agenda, the manipulation of the population..."

: "Hey, at least your eyes are open now. Did you know they've released a tick, a blood-sucking bug, that spreads a meat allergy? Yep, check it out. People in NYC. All ages, all sexes. A single bite puts a sugar called alpha-gal in the blood, the immune system sees it as a threat, and boom. Alpha-gal is in red meat, and your body rejects it with an allergic reaction. You can figure out why they're doing that, right?"

: The student searches blindly for a moment before turning ashen. "Two-fold results. Permission from a frightened public that is addicted to their fast food hamburgers to deforest urban and near-urban areas. And, discouraging the population brave enough to do so, from leaving the cities for forests where they might survive the panic when hacked systems set off the emergency sirens?"

: "Can't get ANYTHING past you, man." Says the first hypnotic speaker with a pointed grin that is echoed by the others, eyes bright with hunger. "So. What're you going to do?"

: Trembling, he pulls on his hair and runs a shaking hand down his face. "I.... I.... we should warn them. We should warn all of them!"

: "You know they don't listen. Haven't warnings gone out before? Did anyone listen? They're too deep in the Matrix, man! You gotta face it, you're alone here. You're one of the few that get it."

: "I...." The college guy stops talking. He stops shaking. Finally, he murmurs. "I've been seeing shadows. Since we started talking, and you explained... so much. Heard whispers, when I know I'm alone. There's so much information I hear and see now, and it's like all of it is vitally important, it could all be crucial to the future. It's hard to focus on classes anymore, I mean... what's the point, right? It's like... like my eyes and ears and even my nose and my sense of taste, it's all too much! I can -taste- the chlorine and fluoride in water now, I can -hear- the radio signals! I never could before..." He shakes with a full body shudder, and start, unknowing, to weep.

: "None of my friends get it, they don't understand, we don't talk anymore because they want me to talk about something else but NOTHING else makes sense, and I can't trust the cops, the papers, the radio or tv stations, the government because THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT and my grades are in the shitter and I'm losing my scholarship for the fall and the professors, right, the ones who profess, they profess their beliefs but their beliefs are reliefs, they're a way to forget, they're for-getting ahead, for getting a head, for getting head, it's not a WAY ahead, the WAY ahead is DEAD ahead.... it's DEAD AHEAD... It's DEAD DEAD DEAD...."

: The group of scruffy teens grin at each other, some of them closing their eyes as dark and twisted nightmare Glamour begins rolling off the college student as he begins a separation from reality and drifts into paranoid hallucinations. Nightmare streaks of vapor, puke-green and snot-yellow, appear over his head and coil around him as he shakes in loathing. Chimera resembling genetically-mutated kindergartners, stained with blood and with killing eyes, wander into his field of vision and watch him. Moons and planets appear in the sky over him, visible only to those with the Sight, and change the tides and climate for just him.

: The group around this font of blasted Dreams drink those Dreams in, eyes hungry, teeth sharp. One of them takes a curved dagger from his rags, and places the naked blade in the student's numb grip, folding his fingers around the hilt. Then one by one, they fade from his awareness. They go from there, to something there? to was there something there? to nothing there. But their voices linger, urging, whispering, cajoling, prompting, hissing....

: Eventually, the distraught young man notices the knife in his hand, staring at it as if it held all the answers. "...a tool a knife a blade just a tool a tool for the fool for the blind one who sees, the bees, the bees come down, here's a clown, a painted jester, a painted whore, it's all dirty, all tainted and wrong there's no salvation, just damnation, time to... time to... time to....Finish."

: The screaming around him is still growing when his arm gets tired, and then the government gets ahold of him.

: :

: :

: :

: *in comes a girl with LARGE bags and starts decorating the church with Crochetted and Knitted Blankets/Hats/Scarfs/Gloves all over for any and all who are in need or want*

: This place is craaazy

"Diamond" Dave Lee Roth: I can't wait to feel your love tonight

: -a young girl's voice seems to sing- Sang, Sang, Sang, tout ce qu'il veut, c'est du sang. Donnez a la guillotine une offrande de sang. Du sang pour ardenter sa poussee. Bien que le sang puisse couler, la poussee de la guillotine n'est jamais eteinte. La seule chose qu'il veut: du sang, du sang, du sang.

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The Streets of Necropolis (0)
A slowly flickering streetlight illuminates this dark street. All roads though town lead to this main road. Shadowy figures dart in and out of alleyways, and only the brave or foolish remain here long.
Sewer System (0)
This dark damp sewer is home to the cities rodent population, and those who wish to travel unseen. There are many collapsed sections and the unwary are easily lost. The occasional bloated corpse has been found half devoured by rats and many unwanted items are dumped here.

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