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It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to hand off administration to someone else. A contact of mine offered to take it off my plate and I've agreed. I'm simply tired of idiots trying to twist my words, lying about how things happened, leaving things out, or trying to claim after the fact that things that were clearly intended as threats were not. I just don't need the headache. I don't even play on the site, nor profit from it. It fact, it costs me money for the server every month (I only take donations for the domain name, which is a separate expense). The new administrator is not now, nor ever was, a White Wolf player, much less a member of the old chats or friends with any random ones of you. Whether they open the site back up or keep it closed will be entirely their prerogative and nothing to do with me. Also, who they ban/unban will also be in their purview, not mine. With the exception of the few bad apples who like to spread unfounded lies, I've enjoyed talking to you all and my time administering the site. Over the next few weeks to months the site will likely be moved to a new server. At some point in the near future the new administrator will likely post their own message. To clarify: The site is NOT shutting down, someone else is just taking over running it. Were they to decide not to do it anymore, the chats would come back to me.

A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Except they told her they won't let her join because they, quote, "don't want to ruin their friendship dynamic".

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *shakes head* That's fuckin' cold, man. Seattle Freeze is real.

: If they live in kinda the same area... Join forces, cast a wide net, and make your own RP-focused group. Instant win.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: So, over the weekend I asked people on facebook in the groups I advertised my game what they didn't like about it, if they weren't interested in the system, setting, etc.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Immediately I had one person tell me that I was obviously a rapist because my facebook profile only had 5 friends.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Then, on a separate group, someone else said I hadn't earned the right to offer to run games because I hadn't put my time into the community.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: A third group, simply titled Local Gaming Meetups, locked the thread, because the subject was inappropriate for the group.

: To a degree, I can understand the third response. Your query may be a genuinely curious one, with open discussion and a chance to tweak being the driving goal. But people on the other side may view it as antagonistic and the potential drama isn't worth it. Might have been nice to dialogue any concerns they had before threadlock though

: The second one... Eh. Not being a part of any kind of group like this myself... I don't quite understand what the big deal with running games is and how it's something you have to earn.

: That first one... Can't comment on in any constructive way. Sass will have to do. Would have thought you'd had at least six FB friends, but apparently I'm not there anymore so five it is. *shrug*

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: The fourth group said that me having a website for my games made me look like a spam ad. *head shake* I don't get social media at all.

: Dunno what to tell you.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Well, I managed to get the local gaming illuminati on my ass. Someone's made it their personal mission to keep my posts looking for players off craigslist as well as facebook.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: It's really creepy. People aren't just not interested in roleplaying here, they're openly hostile to it. D&D has become a cult.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: 200 hours? Geez, what if someone else comes in and sees that?

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Sure do miss the days when this place was hoppin'.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Makes me think of the people. Like I should put up some kind of tribute. Wish I had access to Shem's old site, but I'm actually rather thankful that's entirely disappeared (as far as I can remember).

: Not entirely. With the whole 'Way Back Machine' site - parts of it are still around.

: *digging through records* Hhrhnnn... forgot I gave him old shit poetry I wrote as an angsty teen to put up on his site.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Pourin' one out for Misery Lazarus. Before edgelord was even a word, we had you. Miss you, girl.

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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