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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Still trying to find a game to play in. See a post, some guy saying "I want to run a dungeon crawling game with light, non-crunchy rules."

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: My response: "Huh, that sounds like an odd mix."

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Get a long PM from someone else saying "I'm an admin and you are NOT to criticize anyone else's game for ANY REASON."

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: This is right after the same group is seeing posts from people trying to run "Vegan Only" and "LGBTQ+ Only!" groups.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *Grandpa Simpson voice* I used to be a liberal. Then they changed what liberal was.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Now what I think isn't liberal and what they call liberal is weird and scary to me.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: It'll happen to you...

: 0.o

: Open this door, you dead people, or we’ll bust it down and we’ll drag you out by the ropes you hang yourselves with!

Zylo: Shit man, if you'r enaming names don't stop there. To Rikki, Strife, Mandi, Maddy Taylor and Jameson Pike, To Lemon, Lep and Scarlet, Santa and Tanith. To Curzan, Carrot, The Igno Rat, Twilight The Dream Smith, Carter, Night Wolf, Ciel, Coventry, Chance, Skye, Sarah Elizabeth,and Ronnie Lupo. To Kira, Thomas, Nightwolf, Kaleisha,Myrdyn Suncraft, Alexis, Vic and ShadowBaby. To Scruffymalk, Viper, Enigma, Lilly, SWALS, Maggie, Salem, Demonheart, The Mirrorball Man and all those whose name has escaped me over the years. Even when we hated each other we had each other. I hope you're all still every bit of what you were and more.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Actually, I posted that stuff months and months ago, then it got drowned out by normal conversation. Then something happened to the room recently and it rolled everything back. Kinda freaky.

: Whatever this reset was, it didn't happen even all that recently. The rollback pieces have been around for at least 2-3 months themselves.

: Think I noticed it around early to mid-February?

: Then again I've had a hell of a time keeping track of days, weeks, and time in general in the last 15 months.

: I remember coming to the old chat at any time of day or night, when things were lonely, and there was always someone here to speak to. It chased the loneliness away. It lessened the ache and sadness and isolation.

: I miss it.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I remember being a senior in high school, and having a class on html where the whole class was just "design a webpage". I basically did nothing but spend time in here chatting. Probably some of the best times I had back then.

-c-: LOL think everyone has a quaint memory or 300 to play off of. Just sucks it's so vacant.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I'm interested in the "Where are they now?" stories. I keep thinking about how... 'edgy' some people were, and thinking that those same people could have jobs and kids and the whole bit.

-c-: *LOL* well, depending what rooms you frequented, I keep in touch with a handful, from shadows and JY. majority as you guess it, married, kids and/or divorced. Old.. creaky bones, missing easy days of staying up til 4am on here, skipping classes or dragging our sorry rp'ing asses to work

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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