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It is with a heavy heart that I have decided to hand off administration to someone else. A contact of mine offered to take it off my plate and I've agreed. I'm simply tired of idiots trying to twist my words, lying about how things happened, leaving things out, or trying to claim after the fact that things that were clearly intended as threats were not. I just don't need the headache. I don't even play on the site, nor profit from it. It fact, it costs me money for the server every month (I only take donations for the domain name, which is a separate expense). The new administrator is not now, nor ever was, a White Wolf player, much less a member of the old chats or friends with any random ones of you. Whether they open the site back up or keep it closed will be entirely their prerogative and nothing to do with me. Also, who they ban/unban will also be in their purview, not mine. With the exception of the few bad apples who like to spread unfounded lies, I've enjoyed talking to you all and my time administering the site. Over the next few weeks to months the site will likely be moved to a new server. At some point in the near future the new administrator will likely post their own message. To clarify: The site is NOT shutting down, someone else is just taking over running it. Were they to decide not to do it anymore, the chats would come back to me.

A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.

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The Emissary of the Twin Arts: That's another thing I don't really get. People harassing the admin get banned. Then they VPN and get banned again. But how does it get so bad the admin decides to chuck it all?

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Boo. Color.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I mean, I GMed for a long time, so I know what it's like to have people be shitty to you when you're just trying to provide something for them.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I just never realized it could get -that- bad.

: My guess would be constant harassment in a variety of ways and baseless, but headache-inducing, legal threats.

Lincthra: Color picker might still work if you change the target to "https" instead of "http" but it's hard to say for sure.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: *facepalm* I should have thought of that. I was literally -just- dealing with a similar issue. Now the question is: Can I remember a twenty-year-old password?

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Turns out I can. Or rather, I remembered it some time ago and the browser remembered it for me.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Aaaand it works again. *dusts self* Spiffy. Thanks Linc. Link? What -would- be the appropriate diminutive of your name?

Lincthra: Linc is what's usually used.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Right on. Right on.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: You know, people used to call me Emi. Which I always thought was kind of odd (and has a really off-putting connotation nowadays). But after a time, it kind of grew on me.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: I think it was because I liked the people behind it. Because it actually felt friendly.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Used to be, you could lurk in a community, absorb the way it was, and eventually if you stuck around long enough people would recognize you and be cool about it.

The Emissary of the Twin Arts: Totally not the case these days. People defend their cliques with the fervor of a bunch of racists trying to keep their daughters away from the minority family that just moved into town.

: It is really hard to get anyone to welcome anyone new now

: I would welcome new players. No problem!

Lurky Lurk Monster: *Claims the statement above*

: Well yikes. That's some dramabomb up there. :( Poor guy. Hope handing off the admin stuff brings peace.

: You are a rarity Lurky

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A place to meet for Out Of Character(OOC) conversations.
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