Firnost Garden

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Behind the freehold for an acre or so stretches a delightful green garden. Stone paths twist around the cacaphony of delicately manicured flowerbeds and wild explosions of roses. A small stand of willows bends to touch the surface of a clear pond where brightly colored fish occasionally break its still mirror. Only fae or their Enchanted guests can find their way through the doorways into the garden. (This is a Changeling chat room.)

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Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He stops and sets up a small camp; he starts a small fire, lays out a bedroll, and sets out a snack. He doesn’t eat yet, though; he fills his bottle with water first.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He takes a seat on the ground, and stares at the fire for a few moments.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He reaches up to his armband (a black armband with a black heart on it; the heart has a devil’s horns and tail embroidered on it) and from behind it he takes a wrinkled and worn scrap of red silk.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): Dev unfolds it carefully, and looks at it a long minute. He lifts it to his nose and inhales, then smile sadly at it.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “Hey.” He says to the fabric.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “Been longer than I planned. Sorry ‘bout that. I think I’m getting into a good place, though. I have a base of operations. I’m working for room and board at a tavern, I guess you could call it. Run by a satyr, so you can guess how I like it and fit in. She’s married, so…. Yeah, guess we’ll see how that goes.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): Supported by one hand, his fingers trace the surface of the red silk. “So yeah. Place to work out of. I’m still looking, still putting up posters and flyers and stuff. Still looking for you, and I’ll never stop. I hope you’re looking for me, or at least… at least I hope you want me to find you. That you want to find me.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “Met someone. Two someones. Well, I met a lot of people, it’s a tavern. But there’s these two….

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “One of ‘em… damn. Girl. You’d LOVE her. She’s sexy and sensual and knows it and she doesn’t care who ELSE knows it. BLAM! She walks in the room and you can’t help but stare and she LOVES it. She knows exactly what to do and she does it and she LOVES it and she loves the way you love it. She’s in a sitch right now but if she ever so much as blinked at me I’d be on it HOT. And, she’s a Baroness. Talk about an ‘in’ huh?

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “The other one… I told her, yeah, the Baroness pushes my buttons but so does she, just different buttons. Her, I want to protect and take care of. And I am! She’s Kinain. So, you know….

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “I got myself a place at a tavern and I got her a crash-space and now she’s got a patron and a NOICE place to stay. Better than mine! Which is great. She’s got her own sexy appeal, and we’re… we have an understanding. We’re supporting and helping each other, you know? We’re not lovers yet but… soon, probably. And I’d like that. She seems sensible about it; she’s Leanhaun kin, which is probably why. Oh, and she can see Chimera just like I could. So yeah, I want to protect her.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “She had a knight, a Gwydion, watching out for her but… honestly, I don’t think he was going too good a job. She was always hungry, her clothes were rags and getting worse, she has stuff in her hair and was dirty… I don’t know what the fuck he was going. Some kind of wilderness survivalist, maybe. Anyway, he and I talked and he -told- me, if I could take better care of her I should so…. I’m trying. She and I, -we’re- trying.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He inhales from the fabric again.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “I can’t smell you here anymore. Guess too much time has passed, although it’s hard to tell. I miss that smell. I miss you, so hard.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He presses the wrinkled fabric to his forehead. “Nab, please… please find me. Let me find you. I know you can. I -believe- you can. I’m looking for you, come look for me too. Believe in us. I’m your boy, your Bondmate. Right? You said we were. I want us to be. I’m here, Nab. I’ll never leave without you.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He kisses the silk and smooths it on his knee. “S’ok. I remember you, the important parts. I have faith. And I’m stubborn as shit, you know.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): He drinks a little water and eats his food with the silk on his knee like someone sharing a meal with him.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “Maybe I’m a little crazy, right? What the fuck. What does it matter? I’ll go crazy one way or the other? Maybe.

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): “I don’t know.” He takes the swatch and lays down, curling on his side in front of the fire. He holds it under his cheek, cuddled close. “Come home if you can, Nab. Come home to me.”

Dev Blackheart (Wilder Sidhe): And he stares into the fire until he sleeps.

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What appears to only be an abandoned, run down warehouse to the untrained mortals eyes is to Fae eyes a lovely bed and breakfast, almost New England in style and charm. (This is a Changeling Chat Room)

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