Caern of the Silver Moon

The most holy of places for any self-respecting Garou. (Shifters and Kinfolk Only)

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: Winter's Rage (Elder Philodox Wendigo): *Raises head to the sound of faraway howls*

: Grey-Skies-of-Winter: *after some time enters and looks about, having heard the howl* [Sorry was out of town there, Winter's Rage, and missed you by four days]

: Grey-Skies-of-Winter: *sniffs and notes a fellow 'brother' of the North Winds has ben around. With a wolfish grin he pads into the bawn this night, feeling something off there* [Gone for Now]

: Winter's Rage (Elder Philodox Wendigo): *the huge white artic wolf sniffs the air*

: Winter's Rage (Elder Philodox Wendigo): *huffs, and lays his Massive head back unto forepaws and lays in the shadow u derived a pine that rest near a cool sprin runoff* (07.24.17, 12:15 p.m EST)

: Grey-Skies-of-Winter: *a timber-wolf pads through and is downwind of a resting Artic wolf, which it notices but does not approach at this time, and continues it's patrolling of the area*

: Grey-Skies-of-Winter: *looks about as he checks to make sure all is in order* ''Update' about every 8-10 minutes, I am]

: Grey-Skies-of-Winter: *pads back into the brush near a trail* [seems I missed Rage-player by a day (was "The most recent statement was made 22 hours ago" when I cam in), and waited for roughly an hour to see again. Seems fate was not on my side, so I may check back during the Witching hour in EDT tonight, or before another day is up 2017-07-25 @ 13:05 EDT]

: (As the Eclipse passes over Kansas City, the Gauntlet ripples with the energies, as even the most jaded hearts seek out ways to observe in wonder!)

: Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *The man enters the area and seems to sniff the air as he does so. He's a broadshouldered man, and appears to be of middle eastern descent. His nose is pronounced, but not to the point of comedy, and while he has a full beard, he keeps it neatly trimmed and short. He's wearing a leather jacket, solid walking shoes, and a pair of jeans that look very well worn.*

: Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): "Hookay hey as they say, I come with respect and peace to the packs, to the spirits, to the mother, and the moon. I am Memphis Walker, and I would sleep in a natural place for a time."

: Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *he finds a place to camp and settle, and pay his respects to spirits and Garou alike. And rests under a sun beam, eyes closing*

: Memphis Walker (SS/H/A/1): *gone*

: ----------

: *A fat, well-fed old raven hangs a locket from a nearby tree. Inside is no picture, but the words "The Nimbus was here"

: I remember when this place would be full of ppl. Those were the days. Now it's just a shell of its former self. Boo!

: This chat room is just a copy of the old chat rooms. It's not the same one once ran by White-Wolf. There are a few of them but this one copied the direct format so most mistake it as them. But most players who still play are on other sites. If your seeking Silvermoon's old crew you wont find them here. Only a few still play it seems and most of them are on City of Angels or more obscure places

: So, what's your favorite were wolf tribe?

: [OOC Lurker]: Though I have tried most of them - the Children of Gaia, Wendigo and Uktena are my primaries.

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The Bawn (0)
This is the Bawn of the Caern. There is a campground feel to the place where Kinfolk, Bastet, Garou and other shifters meet in a vibrant, if occasionally explosively violent, wooded environment.(Shapeshifters and Kinfolk only)
Lake Smithville Woods (0)
Vast expanse of lakefront property fringed by woods. One can expect to see the shore abound with fun and frolic as any lake would... only this fun and frolic is done exclusively at night. The Garou are lords of this land, others should tread carefully.

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